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Room Changes

Residential Education and Housing will work with all residents on any request to change rooms.  However, not all circumstances will automatically result in a room change being approved as the specific situation will determine the best course of action.

When roommates are experiencing a conflict with each other, they should first explore a Shared Living Agreement or speaking with their Community Advisor (CA).  If that does not prove to be successful, then a meeting with the Residence Director (RD) can occur where a resolution will be reached.

During the course of the year, if students would like to live with someone specific either through a room swap or because there is a vacancy, students can work directly through our office on the request to see if it can be fulfilled.

Finally, Residential Education and Housing offers a process called Room Change Day, which is explained in full below.

Room Change Day

Room Change Day, which happens in September and February, allows residential students to change rooms by either going into a current vacancy or swapping with another resident without a Shared Living Agreement or going through a mediation process.  Please read below for specific guidelines as it relates to where students can move to, what is available, and the difference between vacancies and room swaps:

  1. Room Change Day will be on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 and Wednesday, February 5, 2014.
  2. Residents can only move within their cohort (i.e. SYE for SYE).
  3. During the fall semester, first-year students can only move within the location of their FSP course, which is generally the floor they currently live on.
  4. No single rooms are available for Room Change Day since there is a singles wait list.
  5. All residents will be e-mailed information the Thursday or Friday before Room Change Day.

Room Swaps

A room swap is where at least two people are swapping spaces with each other. A room swap is not going into a current vacancy. Each person who will physically change rooms needs a room change form from our office to fill out and have their old and new roommate sign as well.  We require a signature from the roommates as that will signify to us they understand a move is occurring and everyone is comfortable with who their new roommate would be.  These forms can be dropped off anytime in our office before the end of Room Change Day.

Students who are swapping a single for a single do not need any roommate signatures since these students do not have roommates.

Students approved to swap rooms will be e-mailed with instructions on moving during the weekend of September 6-8 and February 7-9.


Our office will announce which vacancies in rooms are available based on class year and gender.  This will be posted below and outside our office (Eickhoff 114).

Students can pick up a Room Change Form from our office but should only fill out their Name, PAWS ID, Cell Phone, E-mail Address, and their current assignment.  They should not fill out what room they are moving into since that is not confirmed until the actual process of obtaining a vacancy.

Students will participate in a mini-lottery on the respective Room Change Day at 10:00 AM in our office. Since the mini-lottery is not first-come, first-serve, students should arrive at our office between 9:45 and 10:00 AM.  While we will begin promptly at 10:00 AM, there is no advantage of being the first one to our office.

The mini-lottery works in the following manner: however many students are there by 10:00 AM, that many lottery numbers will be handed out.  For example, if we have 10 students, we will hand out numbers 1-10 and then pick numbers out of a hat to determine the order for students to select a vacancy.  This keeps the process neutral and fair for all involved.

Students approved to move into a vacancy will be e-mailed with instructions on moving during the weekend of September 6-8 and February 7-9.

If you have questions, you may contact us at

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