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State and Federal Regulations

Policies and Regulations

Guidelines are established in accordance with State and Federal laws, and to provide a safe and harmonious community for you and others to live. By entering into a contract with the College, students agree to follow the policies described in The College of New Jersey Social Contract and Student Handbook, as well as the policies and regulations identified in this guide. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and make responsible choices. In a community such as this, it is important to consider the effect your choices and behaviors have on others around you. Understand that you may be held responsible for being present during a policy violation based on a preponderance of evidence. You may also be held accountable for your guests’ behaviors and policy violations occurring in your room or the common areas of your apartment, suite or townhouse.

Alcohol Policy

No one under the age of twenty-one is permitted to be in the presence of, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages in the residence halls. These residents also may not have empty alcohol containers in their rooms for decoration. The College condones the responsible use of alcohol by those twenty-one or older; however, any student found abusing alcohol will be held accountable. Residents twenty-one or older are permitted to possess and consume alcohol in the privacy of their rooms, with the door closed, and with no-one under the age of twenty-one present.  Residents and guest over the age of twenty-one are NOT permitted to consume alcohol in the presence of those under 21. Within the common areas of an apartment or townhouse, open alcohol is permitted provided all residents and guests are twenty-one or older.  No alcohol may be consumed or carried in open containers in any public area of the residence halls.  Kegs or beer containers over thirty-two ounces are not permitted. Hosting an event which violates the alcohol policy is considered a serious violation and may result in removal from residence.  Any student and/or guest in the presence of open alcohol will be held accountable for any violation of the college alcohol policy.  As per the College Alcohol policy, any staff member has the right to inspect packages and coverings entering a residence hall.  You may view the College Alcohol Policy and other policies in the College’s Student Handbook Online.


According to New Jersey State Law, effective October 21, 2005 smoking of any tobacco containing product is not permitted in any college operated facility that serves as a student residence. Residents and occupants of rooms in which evidence of smoking is found are subject to action through The College of New Jersey’ disciplinary process. Any building occupant found smoking any tobacco product in any facility is also subject to a $100.00 fine via citation from Campus Police.

In order to maintain the highest levels of health & safety possible, The College has also prohibited the smoking, lighting, ignition or vaporizing of nay non-tobacco products within any college operated facility. Residents and occupants of facilities in which evidence of use of such a product is found are subject to action through The College of New Jersey’s disciplinary process.

Smoking is permitted outside buildings at a distance greater than 10 feet from building entrances, openings, or air intakes. Smokers are asked to dispose of smoking products in provided smoking receptacles.