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Allen, Brewster, and Ely Halls


Built in 1931, these three traditional residence halls were upgraded and renovated in 1991.  The three connected buildings were named for Elizabeth Allen, founder of the State Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund, Alice L. Brewster, Professor of English, and Sarah Y. Ely, Professor and Normal School supervisor of the girl’s department.

While at one time Allen, Brewster, and Ely were three separate houses, they have since been joined to form one residence hall.  ABE houses approximately 150 students in mostly double rooms with communal bathrooms on each floor.  Because of the building’s age, each room has a unique size and layout.  ABE’s hallways and most rooms are carpeted.  Allen Hall is home to a beautiful main lounge called the Allen Drawing Room, which includes a hardwood floor, fireplace, baby grand piano, and antique furnishings.

For the 2013-2014 academic year, Ely will be used to house sophomore students.  Allen and Brewster will house first year students.

Allen Hall Floor Plan

Ely Hall Floor Plan

Brewster Hall Floor Plan