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Hausdoerffer and Phelps

Phelps Hall and Hausdoerffer Hall, opened in 2009, are the first apartment complexes on our campus. Twin buildings, each building has 40 air-conditioned apartments housing approximately 200 students. The units are mostly 5 bedroom (3 singles and 1 double), partial kitchen, living room, bathroom, and an extra vanity sink.

Other features of these apartments include a large community lounge as well as a study lounge in the laundry room, equipped with cable television.

The units have a semi-private courtyard with outdoor tables and chairs and share a grassy park.



Hausdoerffer/Phelps 1st floor
Hausdoerffer/Phelps 2nd floor
Hausdoerffer/Phelps 3rd floor

A sample apartment layout in Phelps and Hausdoerffer Halls: